Book Review: Learning Dojo

Learning Dojo

by Peter Svensson


I really enjoyed this book.  It hit on a lot of topics that kind of surprised me.  I starting reading many sections in the book and thought “wow, what a great idea for a technical book”.  It could have been something small like the depth of the introduction chapters or something larger like the chapter on AOL and Googls Content Delivery Network (CDN).  I guess my point is, this book was an excellent tool and resource to learn Dojo – it covered everything I was hoping for and then some.  I have already used the book as a reference a couple of times – whether it was for a URL or a snippet  – which the samples are excellent.  I found the code snippets very helpful, they are very realistic and easy to follow.  There is a small chapter on Dojo Objective Harness and while it gave a good primer I wanted to see a little bit more.

Book Link – click here.

Free Chapter to review – Chapter 6.

In short, I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Dojo to check this book out and make it part of their collection.  I have the eBook version and I found it very easy to read.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Learning Dojo

  1. Bob, We have found this book to be very poor compared to Mastering Dojo and Dojo the Definitive Guide, they give a load more detail on some of the areas that are complicated. I guess it was OK for some basic stuff but if you are going to do serious Dojo I would not invest in this book.



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  3. Thanks Matt, I will definitely check that out. Learning Dojo in my opinion was a well constructed book with good examples for someone new to Dojo. I will have to check out Mastering Dojo. I do think between the Learning Dojo and the internet I probably have enough information to do just about anything – we will see.

  4. Hi Bob

    Having read “Learning Dojo”, I found it to be a good introduction to many dojo topics. It provided some eye openers for me and good background info on closures and json.

    I am currently reading “Oreilly Dojo The definitive Guide”. While it covers more details about each area of dojo, I absolutely hate the examples. You can only see so much foo/bar/baz stuff. I prefer seeing examples that you can use in projects.

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