Messing around with Dojo and reading a new book!

After attending Dojo.connect() conference I decided to review a couple of more books for Packt Publishing.  The first one I am reviewing is Learning Dojo by Peter Svensson.   I am only 6 chapters in and I am finding the book to be extremely helpful.  It goes at what I consider a slow and in-depth pace – which is exactly what I look for when I am learning something new.   I figured I would start to put some of the stuff to practice so I created a videos section on my site.  I started by using JSP technology mixed with basic JavaScript, Dojo and some CSS.  For the most part the Fisheye dijit is pretty much the example, found here but with a few modifications.

One thing I don’t like so far with the site is the embedded video players.  I uploaded some MP4’s from the video camera my kids got for Christmas and they are very large files.  I really need to convert them to lower resolution MPG’s so they are not so large.  It seems IE is also having problems with some of the videos – still need to check that out.

Once I finish with this book I will be posting my review – so far it is going very well.  I am then going to check out Learning jQuery 1.3.

4 thoughts on “Messing around with Dojo and reading a new book!

  1. @Patrick – I will check that out.

    @Jyotiprakash – wow, that is very cool. Is that open source? It seems it just says “free”. I wonder if it has any trojans or anything.

  2. First time I got to know about FormatFactory from blog DominoBaloney.

    I dont think it is open source. It is free.

    Now I am little bit confused about the URL.

    In DominoBaloney the URL is

    and the URL I sent you before is
    I got this URL from Help– HomePage of my installed FormatFactory.

    Both sites look same.

    I am not 100 % sure this is virus and trojans free.

    When you will click on the download button it will be directed to to download the file.

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