Lotusphere Comes To You (LCTY) – Germany

Looks like I will be traveling to Germany for the Lotusphere Comes To You event in March which is being run by SIT GmbH.   I will be running a full day workshop with a series of presentations and labs and then giving the What’s new in Composite Applications in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 presentation Mike Cooper and I gave at Lotusphere on day two.

The full day workshop will be a series of labs around the creation of the application I presented at that session.  Some key things you will learn:

  • Web Browser component
    • Using landmarks and xpath expressions
    • Custom Actions written in Java
  • XPage component
    • XPage component in the side bar
    • Sending and receiving events in an XPage component (component definition, xpage, JavaScript)
  • Automatically installing Eclipse features with a composite application
    • Showing how to use Update Site.NTF
    • Linking a component to a feature on the site
  • Un-installing an application from the Composite Application Catalog

From what I have learned the actual workshop is sold out so that is good news.  The lab materials will also be made available for other Lotusphere Comes To You events around the world.

So far I have four labs, with a possible two more in the works.

Lab 1 – Creating our custom action (probably 30 minutes, we will have the code/projects almost done for them).

  • Using Eclipse 3.4.1 code up the custom action project
  • Create the project
  • Create the new extension
  • Bundle the application into a feature and update site

Lab 2 – Creating the composite application and hooking in the features to install with CA – 40-50 minutes

Lab 3 – Creating the XPage component – 40-50 minutes

  • Using Domino Designer create the Page, Component definition and the different JavaScript events
  • We will have most of the code in a notepad to copy and paste.  We can walk through the code at a high level
  • Go back into the CAE and and add the new XPage component to the user palette.

Lab 4 – Assembling the application (about 10-15 minutes)

  • Add the XPage component to the right side bar.
  • Wire the Lotusphere component to the Xpage component
  • Save and close the application
  • Run the application

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