Free charting in Lotus Notes

At the Meet the Developers session someone asked why there isn’t charting tools “free” in the Notes client.  There actually is, as I have demonstrated integration with Notes views and Symphony in the past (video 1, video 2, video 3), however, there have recently been a lot of up-take using XPages and Dojo charting.  Check out the two postings by Thomas Adrian:

Mix a Lotus Notes view and an xPage Chart in a Composite Application

Dojo Charts in xPages in a Composite Application

Paul Withers also posted a series of articles that you can check out to learn how to use Dojox:

Dojox Charting Tutorial – Part One: Background and Generic Code

Dojox Charting Tutorial – Part Two: Creating Series and Generating the Pie Chart

Dojox Charting Tutorial – Part Three: Column and Bar Charts

Dojox Charting Tutorial – Part Four: Line Chart Via Javascript

A third option, because Lotus Notes is Eclipse based, you can also use BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool).

In short, it looks like you have a few options to get free charting in Lotus Notes.  If you do not want to use Symphony, then XPages, Composite Applications, Dojo, or BIRT are alternatives.


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