Survey: Is anyone using JQuery in XPages/Domino?

I have been playing with JQuery and was thinking about doing some integration with XPages components.  I have seen a few posted questions about JQuery but I am not sure how widely used it is in the Lotus community.

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8 thoughts on “Survey: Is anyone using JQuery in XPages/Domino?

  1. Bob,

    At LotusPhere in the SpeedGeeking session, either Henry Newberry or Lance Spellman showed using jQuery in an XPages application (I think, I had a couple of cold ones in me by the time I got there 😀 ).

  2. JQuery is really cool, because of the fast growing large amounts of plugins (which you do not see (yet) as dijits).

    However I have not used it in XPages development, just ‘vintage’ Domino development.

    In fact I was considering writing some more stuff about it on my blog (tree view, breadcrumbs, horizontal menus)…

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