Integrating Eclipse static perspectives into composite applications

One feature in Eclipse is the ability to “code” windows, or in Eclipse terminology, perspectives.  This means you write Java code to layout the view and editor parts.  Composite Applications use dynamic perspectives – perspectives that are declared in XML and generated on the fly.  While that is a great feature and allows assemblers and developers somewhat of a WYSIWYG editor for perspectives, sometimes you just need to code it!

Well, composite applications allow you to integrate these “static perspectives” into your composite.  As outlined in the InfoCenter you simply put a tag ( on one of your CA pages and identify the perspective Id you want to open.  When the page is opened, the static perspective is opened versus the one defined in the CA.  The beauty here is the side bar defined for the composite is displayed – both right and left bars.  So you can open fixed perspectives in the context of the composite.

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