Merry Christmas everyone!

To the man who changed a world, happy birthday Jesus!


4th Annual 2010 Lillian Trinkaus Pie Baking Contest Winners!

Yep, you are reading it correctly. Kim and I won the 4th Annual 2010 Lillian Trinkaus Pie Baking Contest with our traditional Banana Cream Pie. After coming in second for the best filling we were not sure if we could win the overall best pie but as the votes were read it was clear we were going to win. Kim and I were shocked but I can say our test pie and feedback from our kids really paid off. The final pie was excellent and it looks like the voters thought so also.

Lillian Trinkaus was my Grandmother and Godmother, I know she would be proud. She taught her daughters, including my mother how to bake, and my mom taught me everything I know about interior food preparation. Thanks Mom! And I can not thank Kim enough, thanks Baby!

Maybe I will post a picture of us and the trophy soon…stay tuned…


Fox news crashes Over Fifty is Nifty site

Classic, a major television network (Fox News) has a segment about the Facebook for over 50 year olds and the site crashes almost immediately. The site, Over Fifty Is Nifty crashed within minutes of the broadcast.


So Long to Ya, 2010

I love these guys…

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Prediction: Chrome will be #1 by end of 2011

As Neil predicted last year about Chrome, I will make one myself – the Chrome web browser will be the number one browser in the world by the end of 2011.  That is probably a crazy prediction considering its only at about 15% of market share today.

My blog is by far not a complete census but it clearly shows Chrome way ahead of every other browser besides FireFox.  Interestingly, I still use FireFox most of the time but I do find myself going over to Chrome every now and then.  Chrome was about 15% of browsers hitting my site just a month ago and IE 8.0 was close behind, the gap is getting larger.

Here is a chart of the browsers that hit my site in a single day:


This morning I noticed a bunch of hits coming from  I am not sure how my feed got put on that site but it is a pretty interesting aggregation.  Very similar to PlanetLotus but for many more broad topics.  It looks like my site is under the Java category.


It’s snowing at my house and on my site!

I found this neat little winter treat for my WordPress site. Alex Bender created a nice little JQuery plugin (jsnow) to have snowfall on a site that supports JQuery.