RAP or GWT – Which Java-Based AJAX Technology is for You?

I watched this video recording from EclipseCon 2009 and I think it is a great primer for these two technologies.  Dan and Mark from Instantiations do a great job laying out most of the pros and cons for them.  The recording is 37 minutes long and I think it is more than worth the time.


Reference recording is here.

4 thoughts on “RAP or GWT – Which Java-Based AJAX Technology is for You?

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  2. Interesting but some questions always hit me with those frameworks, RAP particularily : why deploy so much energy to recreate a rich client application in a browser when rich client are easy to install/deploy/manage ? I mean, isn’t that a “geek” effort in the end ?

    This JEE world is facinating, you can spend 100% of your time looking at frameworks, each one pretending to be the revolution, the framework that will make complex JEE look simple etc etc… This has been lasting for a long time (since Struts maybe) and still, the next one will pretend that all the previous one were too complex, too slow, too intrusive…

    funny 😉

  3. @Bob : but there are so many deployment tools nowadays that work perfectly. I’d be very curious to compare the additional cost of doing a “rich” web application to the cost of such a deployement software. At a company I work for, they can deploy anything to any computer very easily. I understand there can be problems with remote people etc…

    Let’s hope Notes get even better at “server managed client” then 😉

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