Digging into E4 and the new XWT

In case you missed this article that was authored by Yi Ming Huang a few days ago, here it is!  It is a great intro to the E4 platform and the new declarative XWT (XML Window Toolkit) programming model.  The article walks you through creating your first UI based on XWT.  I think this stuff is very important to Lotus Notes and Expeditor customers as we see more and more web technologies get into the Lotus Platform.

There is also the e4 white paper you should definitely read if you have not already.


The e4 project is the next generation of Eclipse. e4 will provide a platform for pervasive component-based applications and tools. In this article, learn about some of the new features in e4, such as XWT and declarative styling. XWT is a new toolkit for defining the structure of SWT/JFace applications declaratively in XML, while leaving the business logic in Java™ code. It can separate the model and representation while saving much of the layout and UI-related code originally developed for your SWT/JFace application. An example application walks you through the XWT interface and data-binding feature. [read more]

2 thoughts on “Digging into E4 and the new XWT

  1. Thanks for the information, Bob. Do you know when Lotus Expeditor will support XWT?

    Merry Xmas and a happy new year in advance.


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