Randall C. Kennedy: Why I hate Microsoft Office 2010

This article is a very interesting read.  “Office 2010 is clunky” – that is not a good start for an evaluation.  Randall continues the article with comparisons to Outlook and Office 2007 – makes you wonder if MS did any kind of performance modeling against previous releases? He ends with a brief description of the “Back Stage” feature and how it causes pain because it is not consistent from option to option.

“The idea well has finally run dry in Redmond. Maybe they can borrow a cup or two from their contemporaries down in Cupertino.”

4 thoughts on “Randall C. Kennedy: Why I hate Microsoft Office 2010

  1. Special Note: Randall C. Kennedy has been discovered to be a complete fraud.

    According to Slashdot News, Kennedy pretended to be Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software. From the way it reads, Kennedy’s main game was to slam Microsoft.

    What an Epic Fail!

    Hey, if you have a legitimate gripe against a company fine, but to pull a cheap stunt like this is a serious sign of brain damage.

    Grow up Kennedy!

    Article: http://news.slashdot.org/story/10/02/21/2329249/Windows-7-Memory-Usage-Critic-Outed-As-Fraud

  2. OK, so he used a pen name to write but everything he said about Windows is true. The fact that he used a different name has nothing to do with the data published. His data and test results all make sense but some envious idots (with an obvious pro-microsoft agenda) decide to make a big deal out of the name thing and ignore the REAL facts about Windows.

  3. “Maybe they can borrow a cup or two from their contemporaries down in Cupertino”. Seriously? The few times I tried to do any office related tasks on a Mac, I thought I was going to go crazy (I hated it).

    And I second the comment above me, Randall C. Kennedy was indeed a fraud.

    But that’s just my two cents!

    Alex (@CIOsConnect on Twitter)
    Microsoft Windows Client Team

  4. Actually, the 2007 ribbon really is that bad. Packed with reatures that inhibit productivity and requiring more mouse movements and clicks than Office 2003 did to achieve the same tasks.

    The 2010 ribbon is MARGINALLY better but it’s still difficult to use and still fails on the productivity front. Yes, you can customise it but:

    * It’s slow to customise
    * It’s fiddly to get what you want where you need it
    * The QAT is still restricted to one line
    * You still can’t see what font you’re using in real time
    * Ribbon is tied to the top. Most laptops are wide screen, why restrict space in this way
    * The colour schemes are uniformly dreadful
    * The interface is cluttered
    * The ribbon is too large
    * The icons are anonymous at best
    * Can’t edit button images for macros
    * Office 2003 is still the Gold standard

    Progress backwards (slowly) towards 2003.

    Tony Evans
    IT Manager

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