YouTube, China and what you need to consider as a blogger of IBM technology

So I am here visiting the IBM China Development Lab, also known as CDL, and I have figured out a major flaw in the way many Americans and Europeans blog today.  The problem is many people use YouTube to publish demonstrations, samples, and tutorials and from the Chinese perspective they see an introductory paragraph and a blank body!  This is because the Chinese government blocks Youtube (and Twitter and Facebook for that matter).  Yes, my Farmville farm is probably all wilted at this point.

So I have heard many times this week that we (the bloggers of Lotus and IBM technology) that we should host those kinds of videos on our own site (which I have been doing all along fortunately).

I totally agree with this!  China is a huge market for IBM and Lotus and education in the web world is critical for our success.  I have even introduced many people to and they are very excited to keep up to pass with what the Loti bloggers have to offer.

4 thoughts on “YouTube, China and what you need to consider as a blogger of IBM technology

  1. I have often thought about this. The reason I use youtube is because it has a far greater audience available to it. However, I could upload to youtube and rather than using it to embed the video into my blog, I could just load the video straight into my blog.

    Thanks for getting me thinking.

  2. Most of the industries as well as the IT companies also block YouTube.


    The videos you have uploaded in the YouTube are very informative. Thanks for your efforts and spending time for the Lotus community.

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