Poll ends today: Do you use Live Text in your enterprise?

I will be ending the Live Text poll at the end of my day today.  Thanks to all who participated.

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3 thoughts on “Poll ends today: Do you use Live Text in your enterprise?

  1. I think it’s important to make LiveText more dynamic and better integrated into Lotus Notes.
    At Lotusphere 2009 I saw a demo of a dictionary implementation for the LiveText recognizer that was based on a Notes View. I know it’s hard to keep such a solution fast if the view size goes up, but to have this in the product would help us a lot.
    Another thing: I saw that you added something like a “Open document by key” action in 8.5.1, which takes the recognized text, searches for a document in a view with it and opens it.
    That’s nice, but you forgot the “else case”. What if the word does not exist? In that case, one good solution could be to write the text to a known location (e.g. a Notes.ini variable) and launch an URL, for example a Notes URL to a form that lets the user create a new dictionary entry.
    One use case for this could be a simple Richtext Wiki that could be built without actually writing a line of code.

  2. Thinking about that Richtext Wiki use case, it might also be interesting to limit the scope of LiveText, e.g. to a database. Something like an option “only show LiveText for view categories when the view’s database is focused” would be interesting.

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