Do you use Live Text in your enterprise?

I want to get a feel for how many of my readers and their companies use Live Text in their daily work.  We have some things we are thinking about for the next release and it will be interesting to see the interest level.

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10 thoughts on “Do you use Live Text in your enterprise?

  1. We’ve just started to look at actually deploying LiveText, we doing simple things like identifying a helpdesk ticket number and then opening the ticket (its a web based helpdesk system which makes this really simple but neat for the end user)

    Looking to expand the use

  2. WE haven’t rolled out R8 yet but we will and fully intend to use live text. Those in our pilot program have been using it to quickly query existing Notes db’s and we have been using other things too.

  3. know what it is, but those regular expressions are so freaking difficult. Have some usecases for them tough at customers.
    More default livetexts for addresses for all supported languages (and not just english) would be great.

  4. Is it bias if I vote. 🙂 Use it a lot. I have it mapped to do the following.

    – Map PMR numbers to ..
    * lookup (web site internal*)
    * dev work area (internal)
    * My mails.
    * FTP server lookup
    – SPR lookup (Dev internal, could do external as well if wanted)
    – APAR lookup (Dev internal, ditto on external)
    – Critsit lookup
    – Complaints lookup

    @dc the live text recongiser does not work in edit mode. But the right click on highlighted text should work in edit mode.

    There is a small handful of regexp you only need to know. I personally use RegexBuddy ( ). They have a tutorial on that site as well. There may be other apps out there.

  5. i’d like too but :
    – livetext recognizers do not like foreign language
    – I need to be able to build custom recognizer
    – deployment remains an issue

  6. Livetext should recognise foreign language characters fine. Can you give an example of code you want to recognise?

  7. @Simon

    it’s not a character problem, it’s a formating problem.

    I mean, a french street adress format is not recognized as an adress (at least not in 8.5.0). Same for phone numbers I think.

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