Is Adobe slowly taking over?

I think Adobe is a pretty amazing company and it seems they do a good job re-inventing themselves and this latest announcement is not very shocking but tells you something a about how they work.  Getting Adobe Flash on the iPhone is in my opinion huge because now you don’t need a Mac to do iPhone development and if you are already a Flash developer your apps will “just work”.  This will be huge for games I am sure but on the business side I am seeing more and more companies doing Flash development and this might be a huge on ramp for their “ubiquitous platform“.

Adobe circumvents Apple to bring Flash apps to iPhone

Adobe is trying to make Flash a ubiquitous platform that developers can write to across PCs, netbooks, phones, and TV set-top boxes. It announced Monday that a beta of its FlashPlayer 10.1 software will be available later this year for desktops and for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS devices, with support for Symbian and Google Android phones coming next year.

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