Why does “Sprint” (sorry about that) suck so bad? And why is the iPhone so awesome?

Ok, I finally made the move off of Sprint and I went to ATT and got the new iPhone 3Gs.  At this point the number of reasons I left Sprint are way too long to dive into here but I will give a little insight into why I made the change.  First off – the customer service had gotten progressively worse throughout the years (both the knowledge of the people at their ‘centers’ and the phone service) – I had been with Sprint for 4 years and Nextel for 5 years prior to that.  I know a lot of it had to do with the “Sprint” centers I had to go to in person but hey – its all Sprint to me!  I am not kidding when I say every time I went to the booth for “service” my account got totally messed up and I would then spend hours on the phone with account services.  The booth people really have no clue about how corporate discounts work, their plans work, etc.  So every time I “signed” something there, what I ended up getting – a month or so later in my bill – was totally different and almost never ended up with my corporate discount.

Now, I move to AT&T and have my new iPhone – absolutely love it!  Within 5 minutes of using the phone I had it synch’d up with my Lotus Notes Mail, Calendar and Contacts – AWESOME!  Not only that but the rich text support is also very good – much better than the older Traveler 8.0.1 I used on my Windows mobile device.  Still getting use to the iPhone UI but I can say it is way cool.

Now for AT&T support – first off the lady I called to make sure my IBM discount was applied was awesome!  We actually got disconnected and she called me back 10 minutes later with all of the information.  So far ATT has been great – I hope it lasts.  Any tips on applications or anything else feel free to send them on.

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