Introduction to custom actions and a new OpenNTF project

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 offers a wide range of extensibility and one of the new exciting features is custom actions.  This is an easy way to add function to any container type with basic Java.  We have just published a new article on the CA Wiki (Introduction to custom actions) that does a pretty in depth walk through of what custom actions are and how you can use them to add functionality to any of the containers (Web browser, Notes View, Notes Document, Symphony, HOD, etc).  Unlike the other tutorials that showed you how to implement different custom actions for specific containers, this one is more general and explains the overall architecture.

Lastly, we have also introduced a new OpenNTF project for a custom actions library.  While we have many ideas for actions currently we will immediately be opening this project up to customers and business partners for input and contribution.

Check out the new article here.

Check out the new OpenNTF project here.

If you want to learn more about actual custom action samples you can check out these other two tutorials that were posted previously:

Creating custom actions in java

Extending the Notes View container with a custom action

Create a custom container action that executes JavaScript.

Extending the Notes View Container with a “Run Agent” custom action

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