Introduction to the Notes Document Container

Ashok Mammen has published a great introductory article to the new Notes Document Container in Notes 8.5.1.  The great thing about this container – like all of the others – is you can completely define the inputs and outputs right within CAE and not have to use WSDL or Designer.  There are also some special settings that give this container some niceties due to its nature.  For instance, you can tell the application how the view and perspective should be reset when a document is closed or sent.

Referenced Article is here.

5 thoughts on “Introduction to the Notes Document Container

  1. An off topic question,

    Is it possible to put a Java View as a sidebar widget? I can only seem to figure out how to add the regular notes view, but the java view would be awesome!

  2. ok, i have seen that, but how about as a stand alone? Not sideshelf? Like sametime, or better yet the day at a glance, something that always is there.

    We have a phone directory, of which i made a widget from a view, and they can click to call and search and open docs if needed, but i want to show a java ui there instead of the standard notes ui.

    do i need the expiditer stuff? or can i configure an xml file with the proper info?

  3. You could do it but it would require some coding on the Java side (Eclipse). The problem is the Java views are data driven from CA XML and with standalone views there is no “ca xml”. Doing this from the Java view would also not be supported as you would have to extend the viewpart.

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