Should Niklas’ discussion template concept be the default for threaded discussions?

I am going to stay away from the Notes 6, 7, XPages, standard client, Java Client, etc, discussion but would I like to recognize the concept his video that shows how you can create new entries in a threaded discussion. The video Niklas shows, in my opinion, is how all threaded databases should be.  I love the fact that I can navigate through the thread while typing my response.  This is basically how blogs and wikis work – ie. you can see the entire thread when responding and to have this in applications like Notes forums, emails, and team rooms would be great.

4 thoughts on “Should Niklas’ discussion template concept be the default for threaded discussions?

  1. Hi Bob,

    I like the idea of having a single component used across all applications. Regardless of what exactly it is, people will find it “easier” merely because having learned to use it in one app (e.g. mail) they can apply what they have learned in another app (e.g. discussion). Advanced features may then be learnt with discussions apps that can bne applied back to mail (ooo I didnt realize you could do that!).

    Then as the component gets extended and improved all apps get the benefit of those improvements.

  2. Interestingly, the mail template is very similar to what Niklas has done here. It is very close to the structure of the Disucssion DB. One could whip up a comp app that shows this mail/thread concept pretty quickly. Using the thread viewer (from Jo grants library) is a generic component that could fit with mail.

  3. Hey Bob, I thought about this as well. Many typical Notes/Domino apps use this same Notes concept of documents and responses, e.g. teamrooms, doc libraries, Q&A apps, votings, etc.

    This is also the reason why many customers have used the old discussion template as starting point for their own applications. With the next gen of the discussion template we want people to do this as well again. Question is whether we should also provide an even simpler version of the discussion template with only this framework and without discussion template specific features like user profiles, sticky notes, discussion configuration, etc.

    BTW: I don’t reuse the thread viewer from Jo’s library. There is no thread viewer in this library. All code is self written. The thread viewer is a XPages running on the 851 client.

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