Domino Server Extensions: RunJava or Eclipse Plugins?

The last couple of posts on this subject sparked some interesting discussion on whether OSGI/Eclipse plugins with extension points or RunJava with the right Java API’s (callbacks etc) should be supported.  So I pose this question to you, which would you prefer?

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8 thoughts on “Domino Server Extensions: RunJava or Eclipse Plugins?

  1. i am using runjava for a addin task (checking agents + control them with a java-framework – quartz) and the results are amazing. Havin it documented and supported would be a turbo for developers to enrich the core domino functionalities.

  2. I don’t understand the details of OSGI/Eclipse plugins well enough to say whether that is “better” than a Java Server Task model.

    So, let’s talk about end results, the problems we’d like to see solved.

    We would like to see:

    (1) Ability to trap low level events and stop them or add to them (alter a note during a save, for example.)
    (2) Platform independence
    (3) Ability to control/query the task/plugin (like with “load”, “tell”, etc.)

    If we get those things with either architecture, then you will need to use other factors to determine one over the other… or implement both. 🙂

  3. You will definitely be able to do all of that. The primary difference is relying on the OSGI bundle architecture or not. Having bundles makes it easier to roll out changes, install, uninstall, etc. It also separates classpath problems when two or more plugin uses a common library.

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