It is easy to use Java Views in 8.5.1

In the soon to be released Notes 8.5.1 you can give your applications the new Java UI look and feel with composite applications. Using the Notes View container you can now point to any Lotus Notes view and in the component settings for that view you can now switch between Native and Java rendering.

First thing you do is create a new composite application and in the CAE drop a Notes View container onto the screen.


You then use the Component Properties dialog to select what view you want:


Once you have selected the view you want to render in the component you can then use the rendering technology option to switch between Java or Native rendering:



I love kids!

Coaching flag football last night (5-7 year olds). Started working on the defense and the different positions. One of the new kids (Nicholas) to football was put at line backer and I tell him how he has to follow the ball and get the flag from the person with the ball. I emphasized on “watch the ball!”. The center hikes the ball to the quarterback and Nicholas runs right at the quarterback – almost like a blitz. The quarterback turns around and hands it to the left back – it was a sweep right. Nicholas just stands there looking at the quarterback. After the play I say “Nicholas, what happened? You were supposed to get the flag from the guy with the ball”. The kid looked completely stunned at me and says “yeah but he tricked me and gave the ball to someone else”.

I love it.

Lotus Knows Idea Jam is open for input!

Go ahead and register, post, and vote on the various “Lotus Knows” postings.  You can access the site here.  It looks like there is already over 250 posts and its not even noon eastern!  Take this opportunity to give Lotus your ideas and feedback.

10 Ways to be a better thinker

As I get older I start looking for ways to keep my mental capacity and learn how to do things like “think better”.  I read this article on CNN and I think it has some good pointers I wanted to share with everyone.

Plug for Lotus Knows IdeaJam

I have a lot of friends and customers who use Lotus Notes and may not be familiar with IdeaJam, so I figured I would plug the IdeaJam for the “Lotus Knows” campaign.

Register for the event here.  There are four categories of topics where you can submit your own ideas for Lotus software.

* “Lotus knows working smarter depends on great technology…”
* “Lotus knows marketing is key to technology adoption…”
* “Lotus knows technology is only great with client success…”
* “Lotus knows the world is getting smaller, flatter and smarter…”

So now everyone can be part of the solution!  You can even follow the Lotus Knows tweets.

Googles Friend Connect

I figured I would play around with the Google Friend Connect stuff. I added it to this site (see the right side panel under Planet Lotus). You can join my site and also comment using your Friend Connect id. This id can then be used across all of your sites you “subscribe” to. As I play I might add more features – since there seems like a lot of things you can do with this.