Would you like to extend your Domino server with an Eclipse plug-in?

You can extend your Domino server many ways today – new processes, DLL’s, agents, servlets, etc.  But what about writing an Eclipse plug-in?  The first things that come to mind is writing new AdminP requests in Java/Eclipse would be really neat.  I can imagine a simple Eclipse extension point to extend AdminP and viola – you just install the plugin and you get a new AdminP handler.

You could go on to have all kinds of extension points via Eclipse – new HTTP server extensions, your own process or protocol handler, a new thread to work on queues – the ideas are limitless.  The struggle is, I am not sure there is a lot of demand for this sort of thing.

I also don’t how companies are out there writing things for the Domino server in this manner and I don’t know how many of you are Java/Eclipse programmers.  People probably just write agents to do most of these kinds of things but it would be interested to hear feedback about this concept.  Lastly, I have not talked to anyone on the Domino server team so I am not sure if this has already been asked for or is in the roadmap so I would like to hear you comments in this space.  Thanks.

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11 thoughts on “Would you like to extend your Domino server with an Eclipse plug-in?

  1. Not yes, but HELL YES.

    And I need to be able to get one in as an EM_HOOK as well. I should be able to write a plugin that can intercept note read/writes.

    This has been a major failure point of Domino since V2. It’s impossible to build a real cross-platform audit trail of NSF transactions. It’s absurd.

  2. For us, we are trying to have a quick way to display information that we have stored in notes databases in the side bar. For example, we want to be able to access the recent contacts view and spit back those search results on top of everyone else that matches that criteria.

    With a plugin you can easily “plug it in” to the sidebar or a perspective and display this information in an easier to read format.

  3. This would be fantastic. I would much rather write a server addin (if that’s what we’re talking about here) in Java than in C. For a long time there’s been an undocumented way to write Java server addins that are called with RunJava, but a robust and supported way to do this would be great.

  4. @Richard – the idea is if the Domino server supported OSGI bundles like the Notes client and a series of extension points (for server like extensions) then you would just deploy Eclipse plug-ins to the server and you get “java addins” for the server side.

  5. What advantage would that have over simply extending the existing Extension Manager model in the Notes API to allow Java code to register handlers for EM events on the server?

  6. Well the one advantage would be the OSGI architecture – for class loading optimization, packaging, versions, and package dependencies. It is an architecture choice for how you want your code in memory, distributed and dependencies verified.

  7. Well it can be done with Eclipse and RunJava. And how it can be done and a living (and useful) project for it is something that Andy Brunner has written and released over here …
    You just have to look at the POP3Collect download and there is a presentation he has done this year at EntwicklerCamp.
    Well you should be able to read and understand german to get what he told us in the presentation.

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