What version of Lotus Notes are you running at work?

You can check what your version it is by selecting Help | About IBM Lotus Notes:


I hear more and more many companies still on older releases so I thought I would see what version the readers of my blog are using.  So if you feel inclined to answer this I would appreciate it.  I am looking for the version you are using in production as your supported Lotus Notes client.


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18 thoughts on “What version of Lotus Notes are you running at work?

  1. hi,

    i’m running 6.5.4 server for now.

    We are in the stage of upgrading to 8.5 fp1 now, but i am waiting for a new server (bi-quad core under vmware) from ibm.

    Still waiting.


  2. A related question, is their a supported way to clear out and repopulate the information in the Domino Directory that stores the info on the version each person is running?


  3. @Richard – Right, ideally I am looking for your “rolled out client” so developers and admins don’t really count.

    @Matt – I also run 8.5.1 daily build and it gets better and better as we near the end of the release.


  4. @Chuck – apparently there is no built in function to do this but you can write an agent to clear the fields and they will automatically be re-populated. Sounds like this could be a nice custom AdminP request.


  5. About half the users are on 5.0.12, the rest on 7.0.2. Servers are mixed, mainly 7.0.2, one or two on 5.0.8 or 5.0.10, and one on 6.5.

    I have both the 7.0 and 5.0 Designer clients on my system, but most development is done in 5.0, until all users been migrated.

    Server will first all be moved to 7.0.2, then going to 8.5.1 a few months after release… Currently no plans to move the users to 8.x (standard system only have 512 MB memory), but with more and more users accessing Notes through Citrix, deployment of newer clients will be easier in the future.


  6. So, what about those daily 8.5.1 builds, where do I get them? 🙂

    I “only” get new 8.5.1 Design Partner builds every few weeks. Daily builds would be even cooler :o)

    My production machine runs 8.5.1 on Mac and Windows (and it runs great!) with a 8.5.1 Windows dev server.
    Our company web/mail server is 8.5 Linux.


  7. I use 8.0.2FP2 Basic at work, and 7.0.4 at home.

    I don’t think I will ever upgrade to 8.5 or higher, since they are not written in C , and are very laggy. Designer 8.5 is a horror, I can’t work with it at all. I’ve heard the same from our programming vendors, so it’s not a personal opinion either.

    But of course I will test 8.5.1 also, as I have done with all versions.


  8. Currently I have three machines. One running 6.5.2. [our old std version], one running 8.0.2 FP2 [our new std machine] and one running 8.5.1 cd5 [about to be upgraded to cd7]. Our user base are almost all on 8.0.2 FP1 [soon to be smartupgraded to FP2], with a few stragglers still on 6.5.2.

    Our servers run everything from 5.0.7 [LEI 3 server about to be decommissioned] to 8.5.1 with most at 6.5.2 and 8.0.2.


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