Eclipse memory analyzer – excellent tool!

I attended an excellent presentation yesterday from a colleague in IBM on the Eclipse Memory Analyzer.  This is a must have tool for any shop developing in Java/Eclipse.  Its open source, and free!


IdeaJam – vote for Java/Eclipse plugin architecture support in Domino server

From my previous post I found this on Ideam Jam – cast your vote now!

Would you like to extend your Domino server with an Eclipse plug-in?

You can extend your Domino server many ways today – new processes, DLL’s, agents, servlets, etc.  But what about writing an Eclipse plug-in?  The first things that come to mind is writing new AdminP requests in Java/Eclipse would be really neat.  I can imagine a simple Eclipse extension point to extend AdminP and viola – you just install the plugin and you get a new AdminP handler.

You could go on to have all kinds of extension points via Eclipse – new HTTP server extensions, your own process or protocol handler, a new thread to work on queues – the ideas are limitless.  The struggle is, I am not sure there is a lot of demand for this sort of thing.

I also don’t how companies are out there writing things for the Domino server in this manner and I don’t know how many of you are Java/Eclipse programmers.  People probably just write agents to do most of these kinds of things but it would be interested to hear feedback about this concept.  Lastly, I have not talked to anyone on the Domino server team so I am not sure if this has already been asked for or is in the roadmap so I would like to hear you comments in this space.  Thanks.

New Edit:

Go ahead and vote on IdeaJam for this feature.

Microsoft wins ’emotiflag’ patent, despite Lotus Notes precedent

Wow, this is nuts.  I know a lot of people/companies get bullshit patents but this takes the cake.

article – Microsoft wins ’emotiflag’ patent, despite Lotus Notes precedent

What version of Lotus Notes are you running at work?

You can check what your version it is by selecting Help | About IBM Lotus Notes:


I hear more and more many companies still on older releases so I thought I would see what version the readers of my blog are using.  So if you feel inclined to answer this I would appreciate it.  I am looking for the version you are using in production as your supported Lotus Notes client.


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Kayla and Lindsey tubing

First off, Happy Birthday Kayla!


Code Snippet: Get the unique ID of the active composite application

This code snippet on the CA Wiki shows how you can retrieve the unique id for a composite application.  Like Eclipse perspective Id’s, each application has a unique application idenitifier.  This means you can use this in many ways to idenitify or link to an application.  The CAI URL actually uses this id to resolve what application should be loaded.  We have an article that is pretty popular that uses the CAI url,  Passing context to components when opening composite applications.

The code snippet uses the current Eclipse perspective and finds what composite application the current page is in.  Once you get the perspective Id you can query the Topology API’s for all kinds of application, page, and component properties.  So a creative developer could put tickler data elements on applications, pages or components and look for them in special cases.