Extending Lotus Symphony

Many probably know that Lotus Symphony is based on Lotus Expeditor and Eclipse but you may not have put two and two together for new opportunities.  You can install pretty much any Eclipse plugin into stand alone Symphony; by default the Eclipse plugin install menu is enabled:


Now, in Symphony 1.3, there is also support for composite applications.  So if a Notes or Expeditor developer create a .CA file a Lotus Symphony user can open it.  Of course you will have to make sure any features developed for are linked in the .CA file so it can be launched correctly.


So from a business partner point you can provide plugins and composite applications for the Symphony product suite.  You can also deploy entire RCP based applications to Symphony.  If you have the coolest plugin you can essentially deploy it to Symphony, Notes, Sametime, and Expeditor installations.

3 thoughts on “Extending Lotus Symphony

  1. I just downloaded and installed Symphony 1.3 on a VM and did not see ‘Composite Application’ as one of the menu items under ‘Open’. Is the developer toolkit required? I can’t download it right now to try it, because it’s unavailable.

  2. Yes, I also noticed that on a clean install the preference to enable it is not set to true!

    Add the following line to C:Program FilesIBMLotusSymphonyframeworkrcpplugin_customization.ini


  3. Are there any samples of using Composite Apps on Symphony 1.3. I asked on the Symphony developer support forum and my response was:

    Composite Application is a feature provided by Lotus Notes, the whole CA framework is integrated in Notes, we cannot run a composite application on Symphony standalone version.

    Are there any simple .ca files that I can use to play around with this feature? All I have found reference Notes documents. Or is the an app I can use to make one?

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