Google Wave, Apache Shindig, and OpenSocial

With the announcement of Google Wave, we now have three distinct camps (maybe more) for creating that new Web 2.0 killer application/component.  We have a lot of consumers of widgets (check out the supported sites) but we have three main API “frameworks”; Microsofts Silverlight, Apache Shindig and now Google Wave.  Shindig and Wave are very similar in the roots (support the same base specifications) and are very compatible at many levels.  There are clear distinction is in the API’s that both platforms support (Wave actually extends OpenSocial) but with the added extensions Wave supports it looks like it has gone a little further in supporting broader real world use cases (Robots, Embedded API).  The great thing about Wave is it does support OpenSocial gadgets and its specification:

“Gadgets, which you may know from OpenSocial, are client-side programs that make it easy to write full applications inside of Google Wave. The neat part is that we’ve introduced an extension to the OpenSocial gadgets API that enables you to take advantage of the collaborative nature of Wave when building a gadget.” – link

Silverlight continues to be very MS like but seems to be gaining a lot of ground – I am seeing more and more job openings for Silverlight developers. Silverlight also supports OpenSocial gadgets and compliments Silverlight very well.

So if you want to start developing base gadgets for these platforms and sites, stick with Open Social gadgets – and since OS Gadgets just require an iFrame you can stick them pretty much in any web page.  You can start developing and debugging these gadgets with the Open Social Development Environment (OSDE) for Eclipse today.  You can even watch the introduction video that walks you through what OSDE can do.

3 thoughts on “Google Wave, Apache Shindig, and OpenSocial

  1. You comment “OS Gadgets just require an iFrame” is a bit misleading. You also need a Gadget container to render the gadgets. The container could be your own implementation of Shindig, Wave, Silverlight, or an existing container such as iGoogle, Ning, Yahoo, MySpace, etc.
    My point is that just dumping a Gadget into an iframe on any website won’t work unless the Gadget is rendered through a container.

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