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You can see on the Composite Application Wiki there is a category for tutorials (which currently has 10 tutorials).  Post Notes 8.5.1 the composite application team will be posting a series of tutorials and labs on this wiki to cover the 8.5/8.5.1 content.

What I would like is to get any suggestions on what kind of tutorials you would like to see.  Granted only business partners know what is being delivered in 8.5.1 I do think there is a lot of missing material for 8.0-8.5.  All suggestions are welcome.

Here is the preliminary list of what we are considering:

  • Extending the Notes View container with a custom action
    • Learn how to extend the Notes view container with your own custom action.
  • Social Dashboard Tutorial
    • Using Lotus Notes and Web containers create a Social Dashboard
  • Clone perspectives that can be persisted
    • The new cloning API’s offers all kinds of possibilities, learn how to use them here.
  • Creating a new generic container
    • Writing your own generic container.
  • Creating custom actions in java
    • Learn how to extend the containers with new actions written in Java.
  • Side Shelf tutorial
    • Wire to and control the side shelf from your composite application
  • Notes view container
    • Understanding the Notes view and PIM containers
  • Creating a basic web component
    • Using the new tooling in 8.5.1 to define new web based components with input and output properties.
  • BabbleFish using custom action’s execute JavaScript
    • Learn to define custom actions that can execute JavaScript on a web page from within a CA
  • Side by Side calendar editing
    • Using the Notes Document container in your composite application
  • BabbleFish text selection
    • extending Notes text selection to call component actions
  • Using the Notes PIM and Notes View containers in composite applications

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