Developing Eclipse components for Notes 8.x

If you are looking into developing Eclipse based components for Notes 8 you might want to check out the Composite Application Wiki.  Composite Applications was designed with Eclipse and Notes components living happily on the screen together.  The “Eclipse Components” section under Navigation will give you a good list of articles and tips to get started.  Two really good articles are Developing an Eclipse component for Lotus Notes 8 (part 1) and Developing an Eclipse component for Lotus Notes 8 (part 2).   Those two entries get you started with making a component with outputs (properties) and inputs(actions).  With Notes 8.5 you can now control the displaying/hiding of side bar components and you can also wire to them.   So even if you are not working with composites you can get some good best practices in making your Eclipse components work with both Eclipses Workbench selection manager and the Property Broker.

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