Is JavaFX an Adobe Flash killer?

Having the most pervasive platform in the world is definitely an interesting point but is this really a Flash killer?

When you start diving on the technology it is pretty impressive. With the performance enhancements SWING has in Java 6 I would even go so far to say it performs better than SWT. The really cool thing about JavaFX is its just “java” and if you created your components, for instance, using JavaFX then those same components could be rendered on the web also.

This means you now have a very rich look and feel on the web that parallels with what Rich Clients can do – and to boot they would be flashy!

I am sure we will be hearing more about JavaFX in the near future. Has anyone looked at this or started using it for the Lotus platforms – Lotus Notes, Expeditor, Sametime? I think it is very compelling to know I can create very rich widgets/components for Lotus Notes and the Web in a single source.

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