I am now on Skype!

It seems like this has been out for a long time and I usually jump right on this kind of stuff.  Send me an email if you know me and want to get connected on the Skype wagon.

Does anyone actually pay for the phone calling part of Skype?  I can see that being useful for international travel but not so much when I am in the States.



Notes 8 Mail Rule Utilities are now posted to OpenNTF

I just posted the mail utility that was referenced in an article back in 2007 on DeveloperWorks to OpenNTF.  I have received many enhancement requests through the years and most of them got in.  Hopefully with the source out there people can get a good idea how to do some of this stuff on the Eclipse side of the house.

Enjoy and post any feedback right on the new OpenNTF project!

As a Lotus Developer, the form of training you are most likely to use is?

This was an interesting poll on LinkedIn.  I have always liked using the web to figure things out and now that so much great information is available from blogs and wikis you almost do not need training or books.  I do however love a great technical book, especially ones that build a great sample or present the information in new and inviting way.


Playing with photos

Nathan and I decided to play around last night with the camera and Paint Shop Pro.  He got a kick out of this stuff.


Flying Nathan!


Levitating Nathan, it takes deep concentration.


Giant Nathan, focus Nate....focus....

What office suite do you prefer?

At work you might have to use MS Office, but what would you use if you had your choice? What would you use at home?

I just created my first LinkedIn poll asking this very question. It would be nice if I could use LinkedIn polls directly on my blog.

At home I exclusively use OpenOffice – it is free and filled with a ton of equal function to MS Office.  At work I have pretty much switched to Lotus Symphony – also, free to the public and almost as functional as Open Office.

How do you like to learn?

There is a poll on LinkedIn that is pretty interesting.  The poll asks what kind of training you would prefer for developer training.  Currently the most popular vote is blogs and wikis.

You might have to join the Lotus Developer network to take the poll.  If you don’t know what that is you probably shouldn’t join it. 🙂