DNUG Workshop – Composite Applications in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5

In cooperation with the Deutsche Notes User Group (DNUG) e.V. and the gernman design partner SIT GmbH, we will provide a one-day workshop on the new functionality in Lotus Notes 8.5 in the area of composite applications.

We will do a two-part workshop, starting with an overview of what composite applications are, what components can be brought together and the corresponding background technology in Lotus Notes 8.5 and Lotus Expeditor 6.2.

The second part of the workshop consists of a hands-on demo scenario that lets the participants work through several use cases of composite applications using components from Lotus Notes, Eclipse, Web and the new container framework coming with Lotus Notes 8.5. After the workshop, everyone should have a good understanding about the power of composite applications, how easy it is to build them, what can be used in Notes 8.5 and what is to come in the future. Also, the participants will build a complete composite application using a lot of the new components coming in Notes 8.5 and the Composite Application Library located at Open NTF.

The workshop will be held at the IBM PSC Stuttgart, located at the IBM headquarters in Vahingen on March 12th, one day ahead of the Lotusphere Comes to you event at the same location, which SIT GmbH is hosting as well. While the workshop is already completely booked, there are still some seats available for the LCTY the next day, where we will also have a presentation slot on the topic. To book your seat for the LCTY go to: http://www.sit.de/events/lcty

The LCTY will be held in german, so please apologize for the german-only registration page and agenda you will find there.

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