A Message to Garcia

“Getting the job done” is what this short story is all about. The story was (and still is) on the Commandants reading list and I read this when I was a very young Marine. It was one of the things, including my training, that explained how one should just get the job done and not get bogged down or burden others.

The entire point is be resourceful in all of your work. Get r' done – so to say. In the world of IT and computers you have to be creative, resourceful, and rely on the greater team. But that also means you shouldn't take the easy way out and bug everyone else to get your job done.

Working remotely this story completely applies to me and as I see more and more people “working from home”, I think it is an excellent guideline for working while the boss is not around.

I always found the story interesting so I thought I would share.

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