Composite Applications in stand-alone Lotus Symphony

A great feature in Lotus Symphony 1.2 is the support for local composite applications. This means an assembler can create a composite application (the local .ca file) using Lotus Notes or Expeditor and then send the Composite Application file to a Symphony user. This will allow applications that can run on Eclipse and Symphony to be run in stand-alone Symphony. Of course you will be limited to Web, Eclipse, and Symphony view components (ie. no Lotus Notes stuff since Notes components require Notes).

These composites can contain feature information to have features installed and are just as powerful as a composite from Portal or NSF. The .ca files can be posted to shared drives, emails, etc. So if you want to create local composites in Lotus Notes 8.0.2 or 8.5 you can enable the menu option to create these local files with this setting and of course have the Composite Application Editor installed.

in the file: frameworkrcpplugin_customization.ini

You will see two new options in your Notes menus.

New Open Menu:

New Create Menu:

I think this makes Symphony even more attractive to companies and can give many business partners some ideas for products and applications based on Symphony. Of course these same applications can run in Lotus Notes when Embedded Symphony is installed.

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