Host based applications are alive and well!

I have to admit that I am pretty impressed that so many large companies still have a high demand for host based applications. The HOD (Host on Demand) container is one of the most popular containers to date (probably second only to the web application container). With the launch of our web delivery yesterday for the various containers we have many customers already using the HOD container in Notes and Expeditor. I sit here and wonder how a business partner or software vendor can tap into this integration market. So far it seems many of the application integration requests are from IT shops within our customer companies. What I need to think about is how we can enable business partners and the community so they can build “components” from these containers that interact with in house HOST based applications.

One thought is to provide components built on common HOST applications that are used in large companies. Or at least applications that are purchased from IBM. I know at my previous company we created many applications internally and then sold those applications to other banks. Have to think about it…

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