Automatic Mash Up of Composite Applications

Pierre Carlson – the lead for the Expeditor toolkit, along with several IBM Researchers but together an article on this subject. It looks very interesting, I haven't read it yet so I will comment later.

Composite applications are a line of business applications constructed by connecting,
or wiring, disparate software components into combinations that provide a new level
of function to the end user without the requirement to write any new code.


Is IBM going to beat Facebook and Twitter?

Very interesting article – I actually found on Facebook, doh!

I think LinkedIn could have been the first real Facebook but they really focused on business only and did not offer something I would want to go back there for every day. It would be great if I could have something like Facebook and LinkedIn and actually separate my posts as business versus pleasure -so my friends would only see “friends” content and my business “friends” would only see business stuff. Then of course I would need to have the option to have people in both places.

Alan is even quoted in the article.

Composite Applications in stand-alone Lotus Symphony

A great feature in Lotus Symphony 1.2 is the support for local composite applications. This means an assembler can create a composite application (the local .ca file) using Lotus Notes or Expeditor and then send the Composite Application file to a Symphony user. This will allow applications that can run on Eclipse and Symphony to be run in stand-alone Symphony. Of course you will be limited to Web, Eclipse, and Symphony view components (ie. no Lotus Notes stuff since Notes components require Notes).

These composites can contain feature information to have features installed and are just as powerful as a composite from Portal or NSF. The .ca files can be posted to shared drives, emails, etc. So if you want to create local composites in Lotus Notes 8.0.2 or 8.5 you can enable the menu option to create these local files with this setting and of course have the Composite Application Editor installed.

in the file: frameworkrcpplugin_customization.ini

You will see two new options in your Notes menus.

New Open Menu:

New Create Menu:

I think this makes Symphony even more attractive to companies and can give many business partners some ideas for products and applications based on Symphony. Of course these same applications can run in Lotus Notes when Embedded Symphony is installed.

Lotus Notes and Expeditor top level menu Id’s

I was asked a couple of times down as Lotusphere where one can extend the top level menus of Lotus Notes and Expeditor.
You can find the help on this topic in the Expeditor Info Center. These id's can be used to construct the paths for the sub menus.

File file
Applications applications
Close All Open Window
Exit quit?
Help help
Help Contents helpContents
Maximize Current Tab

Run native applications in Notes and Expeditor – cool video attached

This is a pretty cool demo where the product from OpenSpan shows how you can wire windows applications to other components in the Composite Application Editor.

Make sure you see them at booth 315 down in the showcase here at Lotusphere.

Excellent deck on Notes 8.5

I was with a friend last night and I was asked – what exactly do you do? I attempted to explain to her “what I did” and while that seemed interesting to her she was more impressed with what Lotus software actually did for businesses. So going off of a posting by Gonzalo, I think this deck is a great deck to show people what Lotus products are all about.

I wish the person who did these slides could do my presentations!

Host based applications are alive and well!

I have to admit that I am pretty impressed that so many large companies still have a high demand for host based applications. The HOD (Host on Demand) container is one of the most popular containers to date (probably second only to the web application container). With the launch of our web delivery yesterday for the various containers we have many customers already using the HOD container in Notes and Expeditor. I sit here and wonder how a business partner or software vendor can tap into this integration market. So far it seems many of the application integration requests are from IT shops within our customer companies. What I need to think about is how we can enable business partners and the community so they can build “components” from these containers that interact with in house HOST based applications.

One thought is to provide components built on common HOST applications that are used in large companies. Or at least applications that are purchased from IBM. I know at my previous company we created many applications internally and then sold those applications to other banks. Have to think about it…