Using Lotus Notes and Composite Applications as a competitive advantage

In an area where data and statistics is a key differentiation between the winners and losers, tools that aggregate and visualize that data are worth their weight in gold.

In this posting, I show how I use a composite application to help out my fantasy baseball choices. What I did was create a composite application with a browser component that is based on the new generic container framework in Notes 8.5. I then put 4 copies of that component in a folder at the top of the perspective. The component is designed to publish the data (properties) from one of the tables when a player profile page is loaded.

I then created a spreadsheet graph where I could take the data and chart the comparison of the 5 different profiles that were navigated to in the browser windows.

Check out the video below, it shows the application running in all of its glory and then I edit the application in the CAE to show you how it was assembled. I actually used the XPather and IE Developer toolbar to assist with figuring out the xpath for the table data.


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