Problems enabling the Application | Install menu in Notes 8.5 beta

I saw a very interesting problem today when working with a customer. They had a fresh install of the Notes 8.5 beta 2 code and I told them to add the following setting to the plugin_customization.ini in the frameworkrcp directory to unlock the Application | Install menu so they can install and run their plugins in the Notes client.

For some reason this did not work with this build. I then had them add a file named “” to the directory (notesdataworkspace.metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.core.runtime.settings” with the following contents:

#Thu Oct 02 21:16:33 EDT 2008

This ended up working and they were able to install some plugins they had developed. So in short, that directory contains a lot of files ending in “.prefs”. This is basically the Eclipse preference store and most preferences and their values can be found here.

I also let them know if their company uses policies they could potentially lock down this option. For instance, my local policy record shows the setting:

So no matter where you set this setting in the file system, Lotus Notes will always use the value from the policy and if this setting is false it will not unlock the Eclipse feature install UI.

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