Notes Data to Symphony in less than 6 minutes!

There are several containers that will ship after Notes 8.5 and Expeditor 6.2 – two of those are the Notes View and Symphony Spreadsheet containers. These containers are based on the new Composite Application container framework where you can create components from complex applications – applications with many states.

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The Notes view container uses a custom configuration UI that is labeled “Selection Output”. This screen lets you configure what properties (and where the values of those properties come from) when a document (or multiple documents) are selected in the Notes view. The container allows for formula language and even has a hint drop down that shows the available fields on the currently selected note. I even expanded the hint to include all variations of @NAME for all name fields.

So, even though the underlying container architecture is very flexible and open, Notes views can only expose so much – so the new UI minimizes the “scare” factor and just sticks to basics. Under the covers I fill in the landmark configuration and base it all on “selection” for all documents.

I am looking for some good feedback if you care to share your opinions on the new UI.

The Symphony spreadsheet container is pretty much identical to the Excel container. It still uses the original landmark configuration UI. In this demo I don't really care what spreadsheet page we are on so I use the $SHEET with a landmark value of * – this means the events are application to all sheets. This is the reason why I used the Sheet2! qualifier for the cell ranges.

Once again, the containers will be part of a web delivery after Notes 8.5 and Expeditor 6.2 ship. They are already on the plate to be included in Notes 8.5.1 and Expeditor 6.2.1. The full list of containers we are looking at are these:

Notes view container. Any notes view can be used and configured in CAE.

PIM view container. Prebuilt configurations for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc. Which can also be extended.

Host On Demand – integrate any/all of your host based applications with your other components.

Excel and Symphony – spreadsheet container (the ones you have seen here)

iWidget container – make any iWidget a composite component

Lotus Forms container – integrate your Lotus Forms easily with other components.

*of course all of this is subject to change and all feedback is welcome. 🙂

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