Extending Notes Mail – for Mac users

Thanks to Karsten I posted a new version of the Mail Utils widget for Notes Mac compatibility (ie. JVM 1.5 compliance)

Hi Bob,

please generate the Notes Mail Utils plugin JVM 1.5 compatible. The Mac Notes Client fails to execute it because it uses 1.6 bytecode.

Best regards from Germany,
Karsten Lehmann


Extending Notes Mail – Mail Rule utility update for Notes 8.5

Here is an update to the mail rule utilities I wrote for Notes 8.0. The tool is updated with some minor bug fixes and uses the new Notes 8.5 Widget deployment model. You can check out the original article to learn about its function. The full source is included in the installed jar.

We use Lotus Notes mail as the primary client for POP3 and SMTP mail at home, and the one functionality missing is mail rules. As you know, the mail rules in Lotus Notes run on the SMTP server, and you do not have mail sorting without the Domino SMTP server. Although this tool is not perfect, it does show how to use Eclipse to extend Lotus Notes and to use the Lotus Notes Java backend classes for accessing and manipulating Lotus Notes data.

The tool installs as a new icon in your mail views:

Drag this icon onto your widgets panel:

Mail Utilities

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Taking control of the side bar in Notes 8.5

The side bar is something Lotus Expeditor adds to the Eclipse framework. In Notes 8.5 you can do some pretty neat things with the side bar. Here is what you can do from several different perspectives:

The Side shelf API's allow you to contribute and manage the side bar. You can open views, add views, close views, etc within the side bar from Java.

Using those same cool API's, the Composite Application area allows side shelf components to be placed on the LEFT or RIGHT side bar and also be wired to and from those components. The composite application editor allows you to define when the side bar view is shown – currently two options:

1) when the composite application is open or
2) when the composite application has focus.

So now, an assembler can easily manage what shows in the side bar with respect to their composite.

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End user:
The bitmap below says it all! Dragging the sash to the top or the bottom makes all of the side bar components icons so the side bar is no longer cluttered. You also have some new options on the view menus to send them to the icon bar. Very cool.

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Going back to Madden

Tonight, for the first time since 2004 I am purchasing John Madden's NFL Football (which I think the first year for me was around '92 or '93). I bought 2k5 when it came out and it was such a great game I did not want to go back to the Madden franchise. Hopefully with the full online league option this years Madden will convince me to stay with them.

I usually play the Buffalo Bills – and lose – but its still fun. 🙂

Calling all COBOLer’s

I found this article kind of funny. I did COBOL at two of my previous jobs and I can say there are not a lot of them left but I know there are some out there who would be happy to cash in on this.

The story has been interpreted by the media (including the New York Times on Wednesday) to make it seem like COBOL is similar to ancient Egyptian, carved on stone walls and only read by priests in loin cloths or cloistered academics. In particular, the writer quoted some bozo at Carnegie Mellon University who likened COBOL to “a television with vacuum tubes,” and then said: “There are no COBOL programmers around anymore. They retired centuries ago.” Wrong, wrong, wrong.

COBOL ain't dead