Opening documents (like email) in sub tabs

I wanted to get some feedback on how useful something like this would be to people. With a wide-screen laptop I am always looking for a better email/ui experience. What I did was create a new Eclipse pop-up menu extension to the DocumentSummary object called “Open as sub-tab”. The new option opens the document in the same perspective and then opens subsequent documents as sub tabs in the same folder. This makes the top level tabs not so cluttered but also keeps my experience with the current database under the one tab.

Since the NotesViewData is a first class composite component I simply have to set the preference “” to the document URL and the document is loaded in the new view instance. This means it will work on ALL notes databases (not just email). I also went a little further and set the view title (the “” preference) to the subject of the email. You will notice since they are just Eclipse views you can open, close, minimize, and maximize the newly opened documents.

Putting this on an accelerator key will be my next step – only if I could override the default double click. 🙂

label="Open as sub-tab"

Click on image for animation

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