Opening documents (like email) in sub tabs

I wanted to get some feedback on how useful something like this would be to people. With a wide-screen laptop I am always looking for a better email/ui experience. What I did was create a new Eclipse pop-up menu extension to the DocumentSummary object called “Open as sub-tab”. The new option opens the document in the same perspective and then opens subsequent documents as sub tabs in the same folder. This makes the top level tabs not so cluttered but also keeps my experience with the current database under the one tab.

Since the NotesViewData is a first class composite component I simply have to set the preference “” to the document URL and the document is loaded in the new view instance. This means it will work on ALL notes databases (not just email). I also went a little further and set the view title (the “” preference) to the subject of the email. You will notice since they are just Eclipse views you can open, close, minimize, and maximize the newly opened documents.

Putting this on an accelerator key will be my next step – only if I could override the default double click. 🙂

label="Open as sub-tab"

Click on image for animation

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Cuil is pretty “cruil”

Ok, I am not one to complain but first off (thank God) I still have all of my hair. The picture on my blog is pretty recent. 🙂

When I searched “bob balfe ibm” on Cruil this was one of the entries returned:


How “Cuil” are you?

Anna Patterson's “Cuil” site launches today. It is pronounced “Cool”. In case you don't know who Anna is – she is basically the queen of internet search engines and her latest attempt looks pretty nice and is suppose to be much better than Google's engine (the one she previously worked on).

I actually like how the site shows the results.


Can you really live without Microsoft Office?

IBM can! Pretty much everyone has stopped using Office and has moved to Symphony. There are still rare cases but for the most part I only get Symphony files in my email now.

Interesting article on InfoWorld.

Lotus Symphony, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. It has three well-designed applications, but the suite as a whole is not as capable as OpenOffice or Zoho because it doesn't provide database, communications, or collaboration capabilities. If you handle those in some other way, Symphony could ably take on the big functions of personal productivity: word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Symphony Write is especially capable at creating and organizing complex documents — with a more comprehensive supporting cast, it could be a real competitor in this market.

They seem to put too much weight on database (MS Access), who really uses MS Access on a day to day basis? 🙂


Lotus Notes 8.5 and Lotus Expeditor 6.2 demonstration videos

Here are the list of demos (videos) I have published on this blog:


The Wii is so cool, check out the new add-on


Integrating web applications in Lotus Notes 8.5 and Lotus Expeditor 6.2

Composites are a great way to re-use existing assets in your enterprise. In this demonstration I show how composites are used to take three web applications and share data between them. I use some of the new tooling in the Composite Application Editor to have things like side shelf wiring.

I integrate a sample SAP application with eBay search and our internal IBM Blue Pages application (our corporate directory with employee profiles).

It's not rocket science but it should give you some ideas of how applications in your enterprise could be used together.

*Of course any of the tooling or UI is subject to change in the general availability release.
**Remember, I am no George Lucas so don't expect an Oscar for editing or narration.

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