Theo’s rant on RAD and Notes

I try to read almost every post on PlanetLotus but lately it has gotten hard to get to all of them. So I now rely on the title of the post and the tool-tip to see if it is something worth my time. I also look at the number of eyes that have clicked the link. Anyway, Theo has a pretty good posting and I don't think many will disagree with him. One comment he made:

I have nothing against composite apps, mind you, but you should use them when needed, not because its the 'new' way of doing things.
Notes is RAD, so let's keep it that way !

You might think since I am the lead for comp apps that I would disagree with him but I don't! I completely agree with him. The bottom line is, composite applications are for integration of components from different technologies and components from different databases. If you do not need this then don't do it! The only thing I would recommend is if you want to think about the future then you might want to consider making your views, docs, etc accessible by other comp apps by making them components up front. Otherwise, design your applications in Designer. If you have god access (designer) to the databases in question then you might want to question whether composites are worth it.

I get this exact question all of the time. My recommendation is to use composites when it makes sense – otherwise use the normal Notes design architecture. Comp Apps give you an easy way to get your new Java plugin components working with and speaking to Notes components.

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