Writing Eclipse plugins for Notes 8.5 and XPD 6.2

As Mikkel has already experienced, you need to using Eclipse 3.4 when developing java plugins for Notes 8.5 or XPD 6.2. We skipped over Eclipse 3.3 for various reasons.

Another small change is the remote debug options. I often write code, deploy it to the runtime through an update site (once) then copy the plugins over from then on. This way I can remote debug my Java plugins using the following command:

C:notesframeworkrcprcplauncher.exe -config notes -debug -clean -console -vmargs -Xdbg:transport=dt_socket,suspend=n,server=y,address=8020 -Xss512k

You can also use the Expeditor toolkit to setup a workspace and launch Notes directly from your Eclipse IDE.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Eclipse plugins for Notes 8.5 and XPD 6.2

  1. Well, I don’t really need the Expeditor toolkit. I just need an IBM developer spending the time to write down the settings to run the Lotus Notes client out of Eclipse on the Mac.
    That’s already a very difficult task. I now have asked five different people to send me some instructions, without success. We need updated infos for 8.5.1, we already have them for 8.5, but they don’t work any more with the next release, because the file structure has changed too much.
    Does IBM want developers to create Mac Notes compatible products? That does not work, if they cannot set up their development environment properly.
    And BTW: as far as I know, there never was a public version of the setup instructions for Mac Eclipse with 8.5 on the web. In my opinion, that should be part of the Designer wiki.

  2. Well the right answer is to use the Toolkit – it does it for you 🙂

    I am not a Mac guy so I can not really help much. I recommend posting your frustration to the DP forum so it gets visibility. In general, you should be able to use the Remote Debugging techniques and just point your Eclipse runtime to the Notes install. Is it not that easy?

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