Notes view container proof of concept

This video was something I put together to show a prototype of a notes view container using the back-end Java classes. The container is based on the new container work going into Notes 8.5 and Expeditor 6.2. The amount of code to write the container was surprisingly small since I just inherited the Notes view parts. This also means anyone could have created this container using public API's.

In this demo, I show how you can use Formula language for the landmark identifier (more on that term later) and also use formula for the field identifiers. This makes for a powerful combination since you are not changing the database design.

Lastly, I made the notes view containers be intelligent about multiple selections – this is what makes the demo possible. I publish the multiple selections as elements separated by CRLF so the Excel container knows to span multiple rows. I also do the same for a single selection on a multi-value field where the value is concatenated together with a TAB separator – to span columns.

The UI is still the beta UI for the CAE stuff – which is actually already changed but hopefully you get the concepts.

click image for video

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