The new Legos

Ok, my kids loved lincoln logs and Legos – and actually still use them a lot – mostly legos. Now, my kids (even my five year old), only want to create maps in Halo 3. They are creating some amazing maps and doing all sorts of things with the map building tool. Floating crates, weapons, etc. I watch them use the Halo tool and I am amazed by the user interface Halo has created for this. I hate to say it but Microsoft actually did something really great. I love the XBox and I love their games – and to have a 5 year old pick up such a complicated tool is pretty impressive.

This reminds me of other games like Zoo Tycoon – another very popular game among my kids. They learn so many things by these games it amazes me. My youngest tells me what kinds of shelters and food certain animals like. Very cool.

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  1. Have you checked out Microsoft’s XNA Creators Club?

    Your kids could join up, make some games for XBox live and get peer reviews and help. It’s not too difficult to start off, but of course it takes time to make a quality game.

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