MIMMS Operator / Logistician – Iraq

I get sent job offerings through agents on a few of the job databases out there – just to see where the market stands. Anyway, I saw this job offering and it made me a bit nostalgic.

About 18 years ago I worked on these systems while stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany GA. The one system I worked most on was ATLASS – our team created that from scratch over a two year period. The whole system was written in Ada – oh those were the days. I am sure the systems have had many enhancements over the past 18 years but it is neat to know it most likely has code that I wrote somewhere in there.

Candidates must have a working knowledge of Marine Corps Supported Activities Supply System (SASSY), Asset Tracking and Logistics Automated Support System (ATLASS), Marine Corps Integrated Material Management System (MIMMS), and Logistics Management Information System (LMIS).

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