.NET, Adobe Flex, and other components in Composite Applications

I want to ask if you think having out of the box support for easier ways to have other technologies integrated with composite applications. You see “composite” technology all over the place but I think the Lotus composite story is far beyond the other technologies out there because of one simple concept – declarative communication between heterogeneous technologies. Meaning applications and components from different technologies can be wired together with no coding.

So my question is, should Lotus focus on better integration of “other” technologies – either through samples or new generic containers for some of these technologies:

  • Better .NET integration
  • Powerbuilder integration
  • Adobe Flex
  • Generic OLE container
  • Re-parenting container

If you have interest in any of these please comment on this site or email me personally. Trying to gage what composite direction customers are wanting and needing.


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