XPath in a browser, Excel and filling out forms demo

This is a demo I threw together last week to show some xpath work my team is doing. It is the fourth video in a small series that I have been showing around internally. The concept is pretty simple, we use xpath to extract text from web pages and produce them as output properties when the page is done loading. In this demo I show the IBM Blue Pages – a web corporate directory with all of my information (ie. name, address, division, managers, skills, phone, etc) – and two excel spreadsheets which assist in calculating the numbers on the web form.

The interesting thing about a Blue Pages Profile is the results are not only available from the HTML but you can get at them via xpath in an XML element that is also in the page (I removed most of the attr elements):

Very basic sample but shows how you can integrate existing web applications and other tools like Excel into one user interface.

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