MIMMS Operator / Logistician – Iraq

I get sent job offerings through agents on a few of the job databases out there – just to see where the market stands. Anyway, I saw this job offering and it made me a bit nostalgic.

About 18 years ago I worked on these systems while stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany GA. The one system I worked most on was ATLASS – our team created that from scratch over a two year period. The whole system was written in Ada – oh those were the days. I am sure the systems have had many enhancements over the past 18 years but it is neat to know it most likely has code that I wrote somewhere in there.

Candidates must have a working knowledge of Marine Corps Supported Activities Supply System (SASSY), Asset Tracking and Logistics Automated Support System (ATLASS), Marine Corps Integrated Material Management System (MIMMS), and Logistics Management Information System (LMIS).


.NET, Adobe Flex, and other components in Composite Applications

I want to ask if you think having out of the box support for easier ways to have other technologies integrated with composite applications. You see “composite” technology all over the place but I think the Lotus composite story is far beyond the other technologies out there because of one simple concept – declarative communication between heterogeneous technologies. Meaning applications and components from different technologies can be wired together with no coding.

So my question is, should Lotus focus on better integration of “other” technologies – either through samples or new generic containers for some of these technologies:

  • Better .NET integration
  • Powerbuilder integration
  • Adobe Flex
  • Generic OLE container
  • Re-parenting container

If you have interest in any of these please comment on this site or email me personally. Trying to gage what composite direction customers are wanting and needing.


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Sprint Application Development Program Webcast Event

Want to learn about the Titan platform and how it uses the Eclipse Rich Client Platform?

Presentation Details:

Time: 1:00 EDT / 12:00 CDT
Date: March 26th, 2008
Format: Audio (90 minutes)
Topic: Learn about Sprint?s Next Gen Mobile Java Service Platform
Speaker / Presenter: Jay Indurkar, Joachim Ritter, Mark Rogalski

Registration Link:

http://webcast.streamlogics.com/audienc … ntid=98388


Sprint ADP presents the new Next Generation Java Platform for mobile devices named “Titan.” It is based on OSGi and Eclipse eRCP, providing a powerful Java application platform soon to be deployed on Sprint mobile phones. In this talk, we'll cover the strategy for “Titan,” its architecture, and the tools supporting it. We'll also demonstrate the extensive capabilities of this platform that enable development of applications with rich function and adaptive user interfaces. Join us and learn how your own applications can take full advantage of Titan.

About the Speakers:

Jay Indurkar, Sprint
Jay Indurkar is with the Sprint Application Developer Program, responsible for providing technical guidance and support for Sprint?s core consumer applications as well as strategic partner and third-party apps.

Joachim Ritter, ProSyst
Joachim has managed embedded Java projects for more than 6 years and is one of the veterans of the OSGi technology. He has been involved in projects in various industries such as mobile, automotive, smart home or ehealth. At ProSyst Joachim is responsible for all mobile related projects.

Mark Rogalski, IBM
Mark Rogalski is the IBM Software Architect for Lotus Expeditor for Devices. He is one of the founders of the Eclipse embedded Rich Client Platform project, and is currently a member of the Eclipse Device Software Development Platform management committee. Based in Austin, Texas, Mark has been with IBM for 20 years, spending the last 10 years working on Java software for various types of devices.

A live chat will be conducted during the event, where the presenters can address your questions on this subject.

Lotus Expeditor inside Sprint Nextel’s ‘Titan’ platform

Nice article about Lotus Expeditor being inside of the Titan platform. This will be opening up a whole new set of possibilities.

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MyTourbook – 2008 Best Open Source RCP Application

Wow, Wolfgang was co-developer of Domino Web Administrator Client (along with Thomas Gumz) won this years award.

Check out the posting here: http://eclipse.dzone.com/news/mytourboo … -open-sour

You can check out the MyTourbook web site also.

Horton, Cavemen, and John Adams

It kind of felt like an all movie weekend!

We saw Horton Hears a Who on Saturday – I really liked it, the kids loved it. Then I saw 10,000 BC with my son Sunday night – he really liked it, I thought it was ok. It was a lot different from what I thought it was going to be like. Then, I watched two of the three segments of John Adams – EXCELLENT series, can't wait to finish it. Here I think work and life are sometimes hard – imagine living then?

XPath in a browser, Excel and filling out forms demo

This is a demo I threw together last week to show some xpath work my team is doing. It is the fourth video in a small series that I have been showing around internally. The concept is pretty simple, we use xpath to extract text from web pages and produce them as output properties when the page is done loading. In this demo I show the IBM Blue Pages – a web corporate directory with all of my information (ie. name, address, division, managers, skills, phone, etc) – and two excel spreadsheets which assist in calculating the numbers on the web form.

The interesting thing about a Blue Pages Profile is the results are not only available from the HTML but you can get at them via xpath in an XML element that is also in the page (I removed most of the attr elements):

Very basic sample but shows how you can integrate existing web applications and other tools like Excel into one user interface.

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