Back from Vegas – the mancation is over

What can I say, Vegas was awesome. Almost 3 rounds of golf, some great gambling – didn't lose my shirt, and a lot of drinks and laughs. I know what's done in Vegas stays in Vegas but I did want to recommend a few things I thought were great:

The Moon Club at the Palms – definitely rent a table. The $400 rate is well worth it. You get a bottle, all the mixers, your own bartender, and a set of security guards watching your table. The best part is when people stand in front of your view of the dance floor and catwalk and are removed by your security! Ok, that's not “the” best part but you know what I mean.

– The oxygen booths with fragrance is not worth it.

– The Bellagio seems to be the classiest hotel with the new Wynn coming in a close second. They also seem to have the most hookers hanging out in the casino – not that I noticed or anything.

Gonzalez Y Gonzalez in New York, NY was great. $20 and you get some great Mexican food at a low cost.

– Golf could have been a little warmer but over all it was pretty nice. If you rent a Teammate don't expect any authority on PGA rules – they are not worth it.

You can email me directly if you want the skinny on any clubs, courses, or places to see.

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