A couple of trends I noticed at Lotusphere this year

There were two main trends I heard and saw down at Lotusphere this year. These are of course not all encompassing or anything, just the two I felt I heard and saw the most.

The first was, I am amazed how many business partners and customers are actually doing some pretty good Eclipse development. It seems the whole concept is definitely catching on. One demo where I saw an amazing integration of Notes and Symphony I actually said “wow, why can't we do that”. I had more people ask me about component models, Eclipse views and integrating Eclipse views with Notes DB's this year than last year – that means this stuff is really starting to stick.

The second observation was around using Notes and/or Expeditor as a composite platform. Meaning – a runtime where existing applications can be assembled and wired together. What amazed me was the breadth of technologies actually being looked at. Companies are attempting to integrate Portal applications, Notes applications, 3270 applications, and even Visual Basic and .NET integration. Last year it was “wow, that's kind of neat” and this year the questions were more around – “what's the best way to integrate ….”.

As usual, I am always impressed with the Lotus community and their ability to take what we present to new levels and demand even more. We received a lot of great feedback and some new and exciting requirements for Notes 8.5 and Expeditor 6.2.

Keep them coming!

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